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Tuesday, 10 November 2009

A Good Summer With Teddy

A Good Summer With Teddy
by Gabriella, age 7

One day, I was going to the beach for the whole summer. I had to pack loads of clothes and things. I didn’t forget to bring my teddy bear. His name was Teddy, and he was very special to me. When it was time to go, we took a truck to the beach, because we had lots of boxes of our things to bring with us for the summer.

It took four hours to get there. During those four hours, I did some drawing and I played with Teddy and some of my other toys. I also read a book that took me a whole hour to read.

When I got to the beach, we parked the truck and then had to walk a small distance to the hotel. The hotel manager said we had to go to room 616 on the top floor. We opened the door, and we unpacked our things. It took us a whole afternoon to unpack out things.

After we unpacked our things, I picked up Teddy and he was alive! I was very surprised to see him moving on his own! He spoke to me and we had a long chat. He explained that sometimes on very special days during the summer toys can come alive.

We went to the beach again, and we started to build sand castles. When it was 7:00pm, we went back to the hotel because it was bed time. It was a wonderful day playing with Teddy on the beach, and I hoped that he would be able to come alive again someday.

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