Imaginative Minds: Writing By Children

These stories and poems are written by children of all ages. Hearing stories from the perspective of children refreshes one's soul with their innocence, their creativity and their wonderfully fresh ideas.

Saturday, 7 January 2006

Lasunk The Giant

Lasunk the Giantby Gabriella, 3 years old

There was a big giant called Lasunk. Lasunk lived in a big castle. He walked really quietly. He snuck up on Gabby and kissed her. He left drool all over Gabby because his lips were so big. Then he roared at Gabby, just being silly. He also cuddled her, but he was so big that he had to pick her up and hold her by his cheek so she could give him a kiss because she was so tiny.

Gabby and he decided to see how high they could jump. Gabby jumped high, but Lasunk jumped much higher. Lasunk the giant picked her up and took her to Noland where he lived in his big castle.

In Noland, Gabby saw a monster, but Lasunk protected her from it. The flowers there were really big. So were the boats. Even Lasunk’s bottom was really big! He took Gabby through a tunnel and back home. He promised to come see her again soon.