Imaginative Minds: Writing By Children

These stories and poems are written by children of all ages. Hearing stories from the perspective of children refreshes one's soul with their innocence, their creativity and their wonderfully fresh ideas.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

The Princess And The Long Fall

by Gabriella, age 8

Once there was a princess named Ullanine. Her only friends she had were her dog and her favourite toy named Shuggy. One day, she was walking around the palace garden, and she didn’t notice that there was a hole. Then she accidentally fell into it. She fell a long way down before she landed on the rough, hard rocky ground. It was very dark at the bottom of the hole.

Soon after her fall, the king came home. The king knew there was a hole because he had asked the builders to dig it for him because he was going to have a well made. He went round the garden to the hole, and he saw something moving at the bottom of the well. He thought it might be a person.

He called the fire brigade. The fire brigade could not tell whether it was a person or something else moving down in the hole, but they were brave enough to try and rescue whoever or whatever was down there. They got special machine that had a rope on it to lower them into the hole.

A fireman named Flake who was also a prince but volunteering as a fireman in his spare time was lowered into the hole. At the bottom, he found the beautiful princess Ullanine. He tied some of the rope around her and the other firemen pulled the two of them up out of the hole together.

Prince Flake and Princess Ullanine fell in love and were married soon after.

Thursday, 16 September 2010

The Princess & Her Castle In The Clouds

by Connor, age 4

There once was a pretty princess named Mommy who had long red hair. She lived in a castle that sat way up on top of clouds. Whenever she wanted to get down, she used a long, pink ladder. She loved looking way down at everything below her and could see lots of pretty sights, but it was such a long climb down that she didn’t climb down very often. Sometimes her friends climbed up to see her though.

One day, her pink ladder fell over and she became trapped in her castle in the clouds. She became very lonely and after a few days, she began to wonder if she would ever find a way down again.

Then a boy who was a prince named Connor happened by. He looked up at the castle on top of the clouds and wondered who lived there. Princess Mommy looked down from the castle top and yelled down to the Prince below, “Please help me! My ladder broke and I can’t get down!”

“That’s okay,” said Prince Connor. “I have a ladder too.” He went home and came back with a long orange ladder. The princess used the ladder to climb down.

The princess thanked him and then decided that she no longer liked having her castle in the clouds. She looked around and found her pink ladder lying in the grass. On the side of the ladder was a magic button. She pushed the magic button and her castle slowly came down and landed in a field of grass. It still sits there to this day.

Monday, 6 September 2010

The Fireman & The Dragon

by Connor, age 4

There once was a brave fireman named Connor. He had to put out a fire on a large building one day. He drove his fire engine to the building. There was a dog trapped in an upstairs window, so he used the ladder on the fire truck to climb up and save the dog. The dog was very happy and licked his face. The dog stayed by his side while he used the hose to spray water on the fire and put the fire out.

Everyone cheered when the fire went out, but that’s when they all noticed what had caused the fire. It was a huge green dragon! The dragon breathed fire on the building but the building was now too wet to catch fire again. It turned towards Connor the fireman and was about to breathe its fire on him, but Connor quickly used the hose and sprayed water in the dragon’s mouth.

The water put the fire from the dragon’s breath out and then the dragon started to shrink. It shrunk so much that it disappeared completely. Everyone cheered again. The people who owned the dog that Connor had rescued said that they could no longer keep him so they gave the little dog to Connor.

Connor had saved the day and got a new pet!

The Lonely Princess

by Connor, age 4

There once was a little princess with blonde hair and blue eyes. Her name was Bella. She lived in a big castle all by herself. Her parents, the king and queen lived there too, but there were no other children. She had no brothers or sisters to play with.

Bella had many rooms of the castle all to herself. One room had a soccer field in it with soccer balls and goal posts. She could play a game of soccer any time she wanted! But there was no one to play soccer with.

One room had shelf after shelf in it covered in books. She could read any book she wanted because this room had them all. During the day, she didn’t have anyone to read to her though, so she always had to wait until bedtime when her parents would read her a story before tucking her in for the night.

One room had a real fire engine in it! It was a huge room and she was able to drive the fire engine around the room. Her favorite part was pushing in the button to the siren and hearing the fire engine sound off with, “Neenah, Neenah!” But it would have been more fun of she had someone to share it with.

Another room of hers had a mini airplane in it! The room was very big with really high ceilings, she could climb into the airplane and fly around the room whenever she wanted to. At first, she really liked doing this, but it got boring with no one to join her in the fun.

Bella even had a room that had a huge pool in it for swimming. But Bella didn’t swim very often. There was no one to play swimming games with or to show off her dives from the diving board to.

One day, her mommy had a surprise for her. She had invited a small group of children over who were all the same age as Bella! Bella had so much fun playing with the children and the children loved playing with Bella and all of her fun things. The children lived next door and said they could come over often. Bella was very happy to have some new friends to play with and she didn’t feel so lonely anymore.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010


by Connor, age 3

There was a little boy named Connor who loved to wander in the forest and explore. He wandered away from his mommy, older sisters and little brother one day to go and look for animals in the forest.

He held his hands up to his eyes pretending they were binoculars and looked through them to see if he could find some animals. He saw a horse, a unicorn and a tiger as well as lots of other animals. He was very excited about the animals he had seen, but he wished that he had someone there to share his excitement with, so he hurried home.

He told his mommy, and his big sisters Bella, Gabby, Angelica and Kayla and his little brother Cameron all about seeing the horse, unicorn, tiger and other animals. They all wanted to see the animals too, so they agreed that on the next day, they would all come with him and look for animals.

The next day, Mommy had a surprise for him. She had packed a picnic lunch for everyone! They all looked for animals and when they saw the horse, the unicorn and the tiger, it was a lot of fun to see them with each other around to talk to about it. Connor’s sister Bella found some feathers that she shared with him, and Gabby found some really pretty leaves that she shared with him.

Mommy spread a picnic blanket out and they all ate lunch together and talked about their day before going home. Connor thought that it was much more fun exploring with his family than doing it alone, so he decided that, whenever he felt like going and looking for animals, he would ask his family to come and join him from now on.

Princess Mommy & Her Dogs

by Connor, age 3

There once was a princess named Mommy. She lived in a castle. Her castle had a moat around it and, in her bedroom, she had a very big, comfortable bed. She had four dogs. Two of her dogs were girls and two of her dogs were boys. Their names were Tyler, Ben, Rosie & Helen. They were very small dogs. They had long fur and long tails. Their fur was pink.

Princess Mommy fed her dogs every day and took them on lots of long walks. She threw a ball for them, and they all loved to try and get to it first and bring it back to her. Princess Mommy loved her dogs and her dogs loved her.

One day, little Rosie went missing. Princess Mommy looked everywhere for her. She looked in the dining hall, but Rosie wasn’t there. She looked in the rubbish, but Rosie wasn’t there. She looked in the kitchen, but Rosie wasn’t there.

Princess Mommy was very worried about her little pink dog Rosie, and the other dogs were sad too because they missed Rosie. Princess Mommy looked in one more place. She looked in the castle moat, and there was her little Rosie! Rosie had decided to go for a swim.

Princess Mommy got Rosie out of the moat and gave her a bath to clean all of the mud off of her. She was very happy that she had found Rosie and the other dogs were happy too.

Friday, 2 July 2010

Dogs, Dogs & More Dogs

by Connor, age 3

There was a boy named Connor. Connor was three years old. One day, he took a long walk with his mommy. His mommy wouldn't let him bring his dog Mercury with him, even though he really wanted to bring Mercury.

On the walk, he met a lot of other dogs. By the time he had arrived back at home, he had met twenty dogs! He met big dogs, little dogs and medium sized dogs. He met dogs with short legs, dogs with long tails and dogs with floppy ears, and he also met dogs with long legs, short tails and straight ears. He met dogs with rough fur and dogs with soft fur. He met dogs with long fur and dogs with short fur. He met brown dogs, black dogs, yellow dogs, ginger-colored dogs and even white dogs. He met puppies, young dogs and old dogs too.

Only two dogs were unfriendly and had owners that wouldn't let him pet them. All of the other dogs let Connor pet them and were very friendly. One small black puppy gave Connor dog kisses! When a dog licks you, it is his way of kissing you, and the little puppy licked Connor's cheek. It jumped up to do it and surprised Connor, but Connor laughed and was happy.

Even though Connor got to meet all of those dogs, he still missed his dog Mercury. Mercury was a very fluffy collie. And Mercury loved to go for walks with Connor.

When Connor got home, he met one last dog. It was Mercury! Connor went straight into the house and hugged his dog Mercury and played with him, because he really loved his dog.

Toy Trucks & Toy Helicopters

by Connor, age 3

There was a four year old boy named Tyler who loved race cars. He wanted to drive a race car, but he didn't have one, so he walked instead. One day he walked to the store. It was a long walk.

When Tyler got to the store, he looked at all of the toys. He really liked a really big toy truck that he found, and he also really liked a really big helicopter that he found. The truck was red and the helicopter was blue.

He wanted to buy them, but he didn't have any money. He looked on the floor to see if there was any money that people had dropped, but he didn't find any money. He wasn't able to buy the toy truck and helicopter.

He walked home and told his mommy all about the toys that he wanted, and he asked her if she would buy them for him. She told him that she didn't have any money either. That made him sad, but his mommy told him he should wait and see if he got the toys for his birthday.

When his birthday arrived, his mommy had bought him the big red toy truck and the big blue toy helicopter that he wanted! He was so happy, and he played with them all day!

Saturday, 29 May 2010

The Magic Dress

The Magic Dress

by Isabella, age 4

Magic Dress by Isabella
(art by Isabella, age 4)

Once there was a little English princess named Bella. One day, she found a beautiful dress on the ground outside her castle. She took the dress inside and put it on. It was a magical dress and, when she wore it, she found that she could fly. She flew to America, and in America she bought a wand and a sweetie. Then she flew back to England.

She flew high in the sky and when she looked down, she could see crocodiles way below. She used her wand to bring more fairies to her so she wouldn’t have to fly alone. Before she stopped flying, she flew to a castle and became best friends with another princess named Gabby. She had so much fun in the dress! When she got home, she changed into a normal dress and put the magic dress back on the ground where she found it.