Imaginative Minds: Writing By Children

These stories and poems are written by children of all ages. Hearing stories from the perspective of children refreshes one's soul with their innocence, their creativity and their wonderfully fresh ideas.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

The Princess And The Long Fall

by Gabriella, age 8

Once there was a princess named Ullanine. Her only friends she had were her dog and her favourite toy named Shuggy. One day, she was walking around the palace garden, and she didn’t notice that there was a hole. Then she accidentally fell into it. She fell a long way down before she landed on the rough, hard rocky ground. It was very dark at the bottom of the hole.

Soon after her fall, the king came home. The king knew there was a hole because he had asked the builders to dig it for him because he was going to have a well made. He went round the garden to the hole, and he saw something moving at the bottom of the well. He thought it might be a person.

He called the fire brigade. The fire brigade could not tell whether it was a person or something else moving down in the hole, but they were brave enough to try and rescue whoever or whatever was down there. They got special machine that had a rope on it to lower them into the hole.

A fireman named Flake who was also a prince but volunteering as a fireman in his spare time was lowered into the hole. At the bottom, he found the beautiful princess Ullanine. He tied some of the rope around her and the other firemen pulled the two of them up out of the hole together.

Prince Flake and Princess Ullanine fell in love and were married soon after.