Imaginative Minds: Writing By Children

These stories and poems are written by children of all ages. Hearing stories from the perspective of children refreshes one's soul with their innocence, their creativity and their wonderfully fresh ideas.

Thursday, 16 September 2010

The Princess & Her Castle In The Clouds

by Connor, age 4

There once was a pretty princess named Mommy who had long red hair. She lived in a castle that sat way up on top of clouds. Whenever she wanted to get down, she used a long, pink ladder. She loved looking way down at everything below her and could see lots of pretty sights, but it was such a long climb down that she didn’t climb down very often. Sometimes her friends climbed up to see her though.

One day, her pink ladder fell over and she became trapped in her castle in the clouds. She became very lonely and after a few days, she began to wonder if she would ever find a way down again.

Then a boy who was a prince named Connor happened by. He looked up at the castle on top of the clouds and wondered who lived there. Princess Mommy looked down from the castle top and yelled down to the Prince below, “Please help me! My ladder broke and I can’t get down!”

“That’s okay,” said Prince Connor. “I have a ladder too.” He went home and came back with a long orange ladder. The princess used the ladder to climb down.

The princess thanked him and then decided that she no longer liked having her castle in the clouds. She looked around and found her pink ladder lying in the grass. On the side of the ladder was a magic button. She pushed the magic button and her castle slowly came down and landed in a field of grass. It still sits there to this day.

Monday, 6 September 2010

The Fireman & The Dragon

by Connor, age 4

There once was a brave fireman named Connor. He had to put out a fire on a large building one day. He drove his fire engine to the building. There was a dog trapped in an upstairs window, so he used the ladder on the fire truck to climb up and save the dog. The dog was very happy and licked his face. The dog stayed by his side while he used the hose to spray water on the fire and put the fire out.

Everyone cheered when the fire went out, but that’s when they all noticed what had caused the fire. It was a huge green dragon! The dragon breathed fire on the building but the building was now too wet to catch fire again. It turned towards Connor the fireman and was about to breathe its fire on him, but Connor quickly used the hose and sprayed water in the dragon’s mouth.

The water put the fire from the dragon’s breath out and then the dragon started to shrink. It shrunk so much that it disappeared completely. Everyone cheered again. The people who owned the dog that Connor had rescued said that they could no longer keep him so they gave the little dog to Connor.

Connor had saved the day and got a new pet!

The Lonely Princess

by Connor, age 4

There once was a little princess with blonde hair and blue eyes. Her name was Bella. She lived in a big castle all by herself. Her parents, the king and queen lived there too, but there were no other children. She had no brothers or sisters to play with.

Bella had many rooms of the castle all to herself. One room had a soccer field in it with soccer balls and goal posts. She could play a game of soccer any time she wanted! But there was no one to play soccer with.

One room had shelf after shelf in it covered in books. She could read any book she wanted because this room had them all. During the day, she didn’t have anyone to read to her though, so she always had to wait until bedtime when her parents would read her a story before tucking her in for the night.

One room had a real fire engine in it! It was a huge room and she was able to drive the fire engine around the room. Her favorite part was pushing in the button to the siren and hearing the fire engine sound off with, “Neenah, Neenah!” But it would have been more fun of she had someone to share it with.

Another room of hers had a mini airplane in it! The room was very big with really high ceilings, she could climb into the airplane and fly around the room whenever she wanted to. At first, she really liked doing this, but it got boring with no one to join her in the fun.

Bella even had a room that had a huge pool in it for swimming. But Bella didn’t swim very often. There was no one to play swimming games with or to show off her dives from the diving board to.

One day, her mommy had a surprise for her. She had invited a small group of children over who were all the same age as Bella! Bella had so much fun playing with the children and the children loved playing with Bella and all of her fun things. The children lived next door and said they could come over often. Bella was very happy to have some new friends to play with and she didn’t feel so lonely anymore.