Imaginative Minds: Writing By Children

These stories and poems are written by children of all ages. Hearing stories from the perspective of children refreshes one's soul with their innocence, their creativity and their wonderfully fresh ideas.

Tuesday, 24 March 2009

A Ladybug Named Docky

by Isabella (age 3)

Once there was a little tiny ladybug. Her name was Docky and she twirled around. A fairy turned her into a frog, and she hopped around saying, “Ribbit.” She didn’t like being a frog. After a while, she turned back into herself again. She was so happy to be herself again that she started dancing on her toes, twirling and kicking her legs.

Saturday, 14 March 2009

The Giant Teddy Bear

Isabella, my three year old, told me a story today based on a dream she had last night.

The Giant Teddy Bear

There once was a giant teddy bear. It hugged me. It hugged me so tight that I couldn't breath. I needed to get away, so I turned myself into a monster. When the giant teddy bear didn't run away, I stomped my feet fast and loud on the ground. I scared the giant teddy bear away.

A little boy who had been scared of the giant teddy bear came over and thanked me. I turned back into a girl again, and the little boy kissed me on my cheek.

We both grew wings and flew away.