Imaginative Minds: Writing By Children

These stories and poems are written by children of all ages. Hearing stories from the perspective of children refreshes one's soul with their innocence, their creativity and their wonderfully fresh ideas.

Thursday, 6 August 2009

Princess Kolluna

by Isabella, age 3

There was a princess who lived in a nice castle. Her name was Kolluna. She liked playing with balloons. One day while at the beach, she blew up some balloons to play with, and a big monster showed up. He was a bad monster. He had yellow scales, two tiny eyes and tiny little baby teeth. He had noticed her because of her bright balloons. He wanted to eat Princess Kolluna. The princess ran into the ocean and some mermaids came and rescued her. She was so happy that the mermaids helped her that she gave them each one of her balloons as a thank you.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009

The Butterfly Learns About The Kindness Of Others

by Gabriella, age 6

Once upon a time, there was a little butterfly. The butterfly was orange and blue. The butterfly had a big surprise one day. A little boy came along and thought she was just a leaf, and he stood on one of her wings. The butterfly tried to get home but she couldn’t. Her wing hurt and she couldn’t fly. A worm had built a cave home in the ground and he let her stay there. He made her a blanket out of soil to keep her warm. She was there, nursing her wounded wing, for eight days. Then a caterpillar came by. The caterpillar was really clever. He put the butterfly on his back and took her home. The next day, there was a very big surprise; her wing was better! She was so happy that she flew all the way to space and back again.

The Mermaid & The Sea Monster

by Isabella, 3 years old

Once upon a time, there was a pretty mermaid named Playna. She lived with all of the other mermaids in the sea. One day, she was exploring when she heard a baby mermaid crying. She found little baby mermaid Cameron in a cave, but when she got there, she was captured by the same sea monster who had captured the baby mermaid. She knew they needed to sneak away from the sea monster before he decided to eat them, so she found some seaweed for the baby to suck on to keep him quiet, and then she waited for the sea monster to fall asleep. As soon as the sea monster fell asleep, she picked up the baby and swam away really fast until they were safe.